Submit a Complaint

Customer Complaints Handling Procedures

Stage One

If you have a problem, please contact the electricity supplier. The company will receive your complaint immediately and will reply to you normally within 10 business days. 

Companies Contact Information

Muscat Electricity Distribution      800 70008

Mazoon Electricity Company         800 77771

Majan Electricity Company            800 78000

Dhofar Energy Company                800 77700

Rural Areas Electricity Company   800 77787

No? Move to Stage Two

Stage Two

If you are not satisfied please inform the electricity company. Your complaint will be forwarded to the Customer Services Manager who will in turn respond to you within 40 business days of receipt of your original complaint.

No? Move to Stage Three

Stage Three

If you are still not satisfied you can refer your complaint to the Authority. We have the legal powers to consider and adjudicate your complaint. You may contact us at any time for further advice on these procedures.

No? Move to Stage Four

Stage Four

If the Authority issues the decision to dismiss the complaint, you are entitled to appeal it to the court within 30 days. If you decide to do so, please contact Commercial Circuit in the Muscat Preliminary Court.

Complaint Resolved

Before you submit a complaint

​​​​​Before submitting a complaint to the Authority, please review the frequently asked questions, the Authority publications, your electricity supplier publications and approved codes and to follow the Customer Complaint Handling Procedure.

What types of complaints can we help you with?


Connection or Relocation


Meter Tampering


Any other issue related with electricity sector

Following that, if you are still unable to reach a solution with your supplier you can refer your complaint to the Authority. We will investigate and can normally resolve dispute between you and your electricity supplier. If necessary we can use our legal powers to help us do so.