Now install the roof-top solar panels at a lower cost

Activate the PKI on your SIM card, then download the Application on your phone and follow the instructions to get the solar panels on your roof

Our Impact

This project has many advantages as the use of solar energy instead of traditional energy sources will lead to the reduction of harmful carbon emissions and the maintenance of air quality, and the conservation and provision of natural resources. These resources can then be utilized in other value-added uses that enhance national development, provide employment opportunities for local cadres, add new industries and sectors, and drive economic diversification.

Green Houses

Sustainable Future

Safe Planet

Safe Planet

Renewable Energy Initiative

The Renewable Energy Initiative aims to promote the use of clean solar energy to create a sustainable source for Oman and future generations. This initiative is based on the installation of solar panels in residential units to use the sun's rays to generate electricity, which will in turn reduce the level of dependence on traditional energy sources and create surplus energy that benefits the community.

How it Works?

Solar energy is clean, safe and unlimited energy generated from sunlight. This alternative energy can be used to produce electricity through solar cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Through this project, this technique is used to generate electricity in residential units or in public and private facilities. Its advantages are not only to provide electricity, but also to redirect the excess energy to the network for use in other uses.

What is the benefit to the subscriber?

Installing solar panels in your home will help control your electricity costs and reduce your bills. The mechanism developed for the incentives to benefit from the electricity exported to the network, which was produced by the solar cells for self-consumption and the export of surplus to the network.

Now get clean, renewable and environmentally friendly energy

There are a number of factors that determine whether this technique can be used. They include available space, exposure to sun and shade as well as the type and size of equipment required. Here are some steps you should take to turn your homes into environmentally friendly homes:



Contact your local electricity distribution company to obtain a list of approved contractors authorized to carry out solar panel installation projects at home. These contractors were registered and approved by the DCRP


The Design

The contractor will assist you in choosing the right design for your home. The design is then sent to the local electricity distribution company for approval. At this stage, the contractor will be required to obtain all necessary approvals and permits before starting the system installation process



The Contractor shall undertake the installation of solar panels. Upon completion of the installation work, the Electricity Distribution Company shall be notified of the completion of the necessary inspection and evaluation process



Once approved, the system will be connected to the power grid. You can then start producing electricity using clean solar energy

Renewable Energy .. For a Better Future