About the Authority

About the Authority

The Authority for Public Services Regulation is responsible for regulating the electricity sector and some aspects of the water sector. It was established by Article (19) of The Law for the Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector promulgated by Royal Decree 78/2004 on 1 August 2004 and amended by Royal Decree 59/2009 and 47/2013. The Authority has a legal personality and enjoys financial and administratively autonomy. Thus, AER is reporting directly to the Council of Ministers.

Our Vision

Ensure supply of high quality electricity services to customers in the Sultanate by regulation and facilitation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector.

Our Mission

The Authority’s mission in the Sector Law is to protect the interests of our three main stakeholders: electricity customers, electricity sector companies, and the Government.


Secure electricity supply in all governorates of Oman, and protect sick, elderly, limited income and rural customers though preparation and implementation of welfare criteria & codes of practice.


Protect companies interests by facilitating privatization and liberalization of the sector; develop economic operation of the sector, and secure the conduct of fair and transparent competitions by Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP). We are also committed to minimize regulatory burdens on licensees or exemption holders and No discrimination between persons.


Provide advice & studies to Ministries and other local institutions, comply with government policies and ensure their implementation; and secure the protection of the environment.