Frequently Asked Questions

Who can complain, and how to complain?

Any electricity consumer can complain. The Authority has approved Customer Complaint Handling Procedures which require you to complain to your electricity supplier first. If your supplier fails to resolve the problem, or if you are not satisfied with the action your supplier has taken, you may contact the Authority for further assistance.

What are the most common complaints received?

The majority of the complaints received by the Authority are related to high electricity bills, wrong meter readings and meter tampering.

How will the Authority determine my complaint?

If you contact the Authority for help in resolving a complaint with your supplier, the Authority will let you know as soon as possible what action we intend to take.

What are the factors that increase my electricity bills?

Electricity consumption of electrical appliances will increase if there is change in weather conditions. Your bill may also increase if there is more frequent use of appliances, inefficient or faulty appliance, or appliances are left switched on unnecessarily, etc

Why is my bill not significantly reduced during my vacation or winter?

There will be a drop in electricity consumption while you go on vacation. However, the savings in your bill may be less obvious if your vacation period falls across two bills, in which case any savings may spread over two bills and become less distinctive.

Why is my bill different from my neighbours?

It often happens that customers may compare their electricity bills with their neighbours’. Sometimes, they are similar, but at other times, they are not. With the difference in premises size, number and age of family members, number, brand and usage pattern of electrical appliances etc, considerable variances in electricity bills between neighbours are often noticed.

Is the meter tested before use?

All meters are tested before they are installed. A meter test can also be arranged if you feel that there might be a problem witah your meter.

I want to make changes to my account/tariff, what do I do?

Contact your licensed supplier and inform them in writing. You should contact your licensed supplier straight away with any matters related to your electricity bills even if you have not received it yet. You can get a copy of your bill from them.

Is there help for special needs customers?

The Authority has approved the Customer’s with Special Needs Codes of practice. Special services for customers, who are disabled, chronically sick, have limited income or of pensionable age, can be made available, where appropriate. Examples of how Suppliers can respond to the special needs of customers include providing where practicable special controls and adaptors for electrical appliances and meters (including prepayment meters) and repositioning meters; providing special means of identifying officers authorized by the licensed Supplier; giving advice on the use of electricity and actions to be taken during supply interruptions; arrangements to restrict the disconnection of customers with special needs; and the implementation of a register of customers with special needs.

Who is my electricity supplier?
  • Muscat: Muscat Electricity Distribution Company SAOC
  • Buraimi and North Batinah and Dhahrah: Majan Electricity Company SAOC.
  • South Batinah, Dakhliyah, North and South Sharqiyah: Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC.
  • Musandam, Wusta and most of the regions of Dhofar and some regions of Sharqiyah and Dhahrah: Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOG.
Can I change to a different supplier?

It is not possible to change your electricity supplier at the moment.

Is it possible to relocate an electricity pole?

You will have to contact your licensed supplier to seek suitable arrangements.

What are the electricity tariffs and connection fees?

Please refer to the permitted tariffs page.

How can I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint through:
• A complaint form on our website,
• Email:
• PO Box: 954, Postal Code 133
• Direct communication at 24609700
• Visit our office in Al Reem Building, 3rd Floor, Al Khuwair, Al Thaqafah Street

Is it necessary to communicate with the electricity supplier before raising the subject of my complaint to the Authority?

Yes you should. For more information please refer to the procedures for considering complaints from the participants

How does the Authority resolve the complaint?

If you communicate with the Authority to help consider your complaint with your electricity provider, the Authority will inform you of the actions you will take.

What are the factors of rising electricity bills?

There are several factors that lead to an increase in the value of the electricity bill, including the way you use the electrical devices, especially the air conditioning, which affects the amount of energy consumed and therefore reflected on your bill. . The value of consumption may also increase if the electrical appliances are of low efficiency or have failures and are not maintained periodically, or if they are not extinguished in case of non-use.

Why is the value of my bill different from other subscribers?

Subscribers usually compare their bills with other subscribers. The bills may sometimes be similar but often vary because of the size of the house, the number and age of family members, the pattern of use of electrical appliances, etc. Often, there are significant discrepancies in electricity bills between neighbors.

I want to make changes to my account / tariff, what do I do?

Contact the authorized provider and inform them, and provide the information / documents needed to make the change in the account.

Is there assistance for participants with special needs?

Yes, the Authority has adopted the rules of employment for participants with special needs. Licensors can provide special services to participants with disabilities, chronic diseases, and have limited income or retirement age. An example of how suppliers can respond to this category of subscribers is their entry into a special registry to assist in identifying any special circumstances and arrangements to reduce power cuts and to restore electricity as quickly as possible in case of emergency interruptions. Advice can also be given on what to do during a power outage.