The Authority appoints DEM for working model and roll-out for Government Buildings Auditing and Retrofitting Program


The Authority for Electricity Regulation appoints DEM for working model and roll-out program establishment for an Energy Services Companies for Government Buildings Auditing and Retrofitting. The program objective is to achieve long-term reduction of energy consumption and operational costs in Government buildings.

Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani, Executive Director of AER, said; ‘We are delighted to appoint Danish Energy Management (DEM) is an international consulting company with vast experience in delivering technical assistance and capacity development services worldwide within energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change for a variety of bilateral/multilateral agencies and institutions. We aim from this program is to assist the Government buildings reducing the energy consumption which can be achieved by utilizing ESCOs. Establish a five-year roll-out ESCO program in government buildings is to commence over multiple phases, where government building owners enters contracts directly with local ESCOs. The goal is to raise the capabilities of local SMEs to undertake the work and promote employability through the supply of knowledge and skills to match current and future demand in the market.’

He added; ‘Initially the program is expected to commence auditing and retrofitting 70% of Government buildings falling under CRTs by 2023.’

It is worth mentioning that ESCOs have long served markets internationally by providing improved building performance, access to expertise, and installation of new more efficient equipment and training of building staff with little to no upfront costs; with inherent risks being managed by the ESCOs. The comprehensive building retrofits that ESCOs can perform will allow for simultaneous targeting of multiple building systems, including the building envelope, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

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