Product Application for Sahim 2

In its pursuit to promote Renewable Energy sources to Oman; The Authority for Electricity Regulation launched its Sahim initiative which set the technical and regulatory framework to allow for households and businesses to install rooftop PV solar systems on their premises and to be compensated for PV electricity exported via the Bulk Supply Tariff.  The Sahim initiative was structured in two phases:

Sahim I which has already commenced in May 2017 allows large households and business to install small grid connected PV systems at their own cost and be compensated for any exported electricity via the Bulk Supply Tariff.  

Sahim II aims to drive large scale deployment of small grid connected PV systems (3-5 kWp) for around 10-30% of residential premises in Oman. Unlike Sahim I, the costs of procuring, installing and operating PV systems will not be met by the customers, instead private developers will enter into competition to build, own and operate PV systems at residential premises designated by the Authority.

The Authority is currently undergoing pre-development work of its Sahim II initiative and is looking to evaluate available PV technologies to be utilized to achieve our requirements taking into account any trade-off between risk mitigation / reduced costs of operation / higher generation. The purpose of the following questionnaire is to evaluate whether your respective products fulfill the operational requirements under Sultanate of Oman specific environmental conditions.

It is therefore necessary to comprehensively understand your products on a technical basis and get an overview of all available product certifications and quality related measures. To take part in the Sahim II questionnaire, please fill out the relevant questionnaire and submit the form to

  • Please fill out each listed topic. If the answer is not known or unclear, please mark so.
  • Please provide documents & certifications as proof of your stated technical figures and values where requested.
  • Add additional documents and sheets where requested (datasheets, certificates, test reports, manuals, etc.).

Each of your given and verified answers will be evaluated against a fixed rating and scoring table. Reaching a minimum score the component will be added to the “White List”.

Fill in remarks:

  • Limit your application to a maximum of 4 specific PV module or inverter types that you consider particularly suitable to meet the requirements of this project. (additional power classes are included in the assessment)
  • If there are different characteristics of your specific products in some topics, please clearly mark the assignment or alternatively fill out several questionnaires for your products.
  • Please, provide the requested documents under the related topic-no. in separated folders. This facilitates our evaluation and ensures correct consideration.
  • Some questions are indispensable for admission. If there is no positive entry here, we cannot consider this application even if the other topics receive a pass.