Authority Directorates

Economics and Financial Affairs Directorate

The Economics and Financial Affairs Directorate is responsible for setting, monitoring and ensuring compliance with RPI-X type price controls under which monopoly entities now operate. The section is also involved in calculation of annual electricity subsidy, development and approval of Bulk Supply Tariffs, connection and use of system charges, and the future implementation of cost reflective tariffs. Additional responsibilities include contributing to proposals for rural area electrification, annual reviews of the scope for further market liberalization, and other economic and financial matters.

Licensing and Legal Affairs Directorate

The Licensing and Legal Affairs Directorate is the in-house legal counsel to the Authority and the Authority Members. The Directorate exercises two different streams of functions: Licensing; and Legal Affairs.
The Directorate is responsible for processing Licence and Exemption Applications, providing necessary guidance and monitoring compliance of Licence Holders and Exemption Holders with the provisions of the Law for the Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water Sector promulgated by Royal Decree (78/2004) (Sector Law) as well as the Conditions of the Licenses or Exemptions.   
Legal Affairs
Attending to this role, the Directorate handles litigation cases and represents the Authority before the judiciary. It provides legal advices and drafts regulations, legal opinions, and other regulatory documents. Additionally, it supports regulatory actions and measures undertaken by other Directorates. It also coordinates with other competent Authorities on legal and regulatory matters. 

Technical Affairs Directorate

The Technical Directorate is responsible for approving technical standards and ensuring companies compliance with the Sector rules, planning and operating standards, Oman Electrical Standards (OES), and health, safety and environmental safety Regulations. The Directorate represents the Authority on Grid Code and Distribution Code review panels. The Directorate plays an important role in determining disputes of a technical nature between sector entities and between entities and their customers.

Customer Affairs Directorate

The Customer Affairs Directorate is tasked with ensuring the consumers interests, overseeing the implementation of codes of practice for Consumer late payments, treatment of consumers with special needs, retirees, and affording appropriate priority and consideration in the Authority’s decisions. The Directorate liaises with customers wishing to register complaints about service providers and determines disputes on electricity related matters, as well as promoting the efficient use of electricity. The Directorate contributes to reviews of electricity tariffs and is tasked with approving and monitoring measures implemented by licensed suppliers and licensed distributors (including the Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC) concerning guaranteed and overall standards of performance.